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After changing into a hospital gown that was much more substantial than our flimsy American versions, I lay face down on a massage table. Dr. Song tapped 11 needles into my back, focusing on the shoulder muscle, and one more into my left hand near the base of my thumb.

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q2 profit hits record high

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There was a band and food and we had the best time

Mystery over Still Game finale as wedding being kept top secret

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“Isa had this great perm and Sanjeev (Kohli, who plays shopkeeper Navid Harrid) said I looked like the woman off Falcon Crest, Barbara Howard, who played Robin Agretti.”

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“He canada goose uk shop had battered into two bits of wedding cake when we got a tap on the shoulder. It was the costume canada goose store designer canada goose coats on sale from Still Game who was actually at the wedding. We got caught red handed.”

The pair are firm pals and run their own business doing corporate gigs and Burns Suppers. They’ll be teaming up again this year to do Greenock’s Beacon Arts Centre panto.

canada goose clearance sale While she was sad when she finished filming Still Game, Jane knows Canada Goose Jackets the main cast will be friends uk canada goose for life. canada goose clearance sale

She said: “The last few days of filming were Canada Goose online sad but it doesn’t feel like the end of a normal job where you say, ‘We’ll Canada Goose Parka keep in touch’ but you know time will pass and you’ll see each other occasionally but you won’t be close.

Of course not every batch will be the same

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