the 2015 drought, the index improved

uk canada goose outlet Notes that the impact has been well documented on the Agbiz Industrial Development Corporation Agribusiness Confidence Index the tool used to gauge the health of and investor confidence in the agricultural sector.the 2015 drought, the index improved. In June last year, the index started softening again and the key reason for that was not as a result of a slow down in agricultural outputs, but because of land policy pronouncements, particularly the issue of expropriation without compensation, Sihlobo highlights.He notes that, while the concept of land expropriation without compensation has not been adopted by the country yet, it has nevertheless been met with negative reaction from the farming community.He says Agbiz has spent a lot of time on the issue of land reform, and believes that there are other methods that could sustainably effect land reform in South Africa, without adopting the expropriation without compensation route.Agbiz has expressed a desire to implement a functional and beneficial land reform policy that benefits the people of South Africa as well as its agricultural economy.Agbiz is currently refining a new land reform model, which aims to encourage land reform without having to alter the Constitution. Its model looks to promote collaboration from the private sector and government in line with the spirit of the National Development reform is going to be successful and not disrupt the South African economy, it will require the buy in of all industry related sectors, he concludes.. uk canada goose outlet

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